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About us

We’re Catrine and Philip, serial entrepreneurs born and raised in Sweden with a strong passion of changing the world for the better through new innovations. Since way back, our thoughts have been stuck at the major problems of plastic pollution and all of the negative consequences that come with it. The problems are so significant and affect every single living thing on this planet, therefore it takes new and smarter solutions to tackle these problems within a short period of time.

Packaging of products is responsible for the dominant production of disposable plastic items. It’s a dangerous material that usually ends up in our waters and breaks down into micro particles that causes great damage to our nature, animals and human beings. Our concerned thoughts of the long term effects of plastics became the main foundation for our company and the development of our plastic- and toxic free laundry detergent. The end result of our product development was a plant based, concentrated detergent without toxic ingredients, a convenient product, less mess, a fantastic space saver, lighter (124 g) and 100% plastic free but yet with a strong cleaning power. Shortly after our product was done, it got its name “LAUNDRY SHEETS” and it became one of the world's first plant based and plastic free detergents in the shape of concentrated white sheets.

"The laundry detergent sheet innovation is a real game changer. Plastic-free, plant-based and minimal space makes laundry better." -CEO, Catrine Magnusson

No toxic chemicals

In addition to creating a plastic free detergent with a strong cleaning power, we wished to develop a product without using any dangerous chemicals. Unfortunately, most of the leading brands on the market use several chemical ingredients that have a negative effect on human health when used long term. We both have sensitive skin and have experienced eczema and other skin irritations, and that’s exactly why we got devoted to creating a laundry detergent with carefully selected plant based ingredients that could be used by every person. If you’re interested in learning more about our ingredients, you can check the list on our product page.

Serving thousands of laundry sheets enthusiasts

Since we first started our project in a small apartment in Sweden, we’ve come a long way! Fast forward to today, we’ve served thousands of amazing and enthusiastic customers all over Europe with our products, won several innovation awards, filed patents and best of all - made a positive impact on the environment!

There's only one original

There are several things that make the original LAUNDRY SHEETS ™ unique on the market of laundry detergent sheets compared to the others. Learn more about the key things of our laundry sheets.

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