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What exactly are laundry detergent sheets?

Simply said, it’s the new way of using laundry detergent! They are a plant based, concentrated and dehydrated sheet of detergent that dissolves rapidly in water, hot or cold. Best of all, they’re environmentally friendly too, easy to use and a time saving solution that makes laundry better. And, throughout laundry sheets, you're eliminating the use of plastics and the commonly found harsh chemicals used in traditional laundry detergent in your local store.

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Plastic-free detergent

You’ve been making healthier and greener choices to reduce your impact on the planet, but there might be one silent culprit still lurking in your home - your laundry detergent. Regular detergent comes with lots of plastic packaging which contributes to the plastic problem we have today. Most plastic jugs and plastic-lined cardboard boxes are not recycled and lie in landfills for hundreds of years. Laundry sheets are made with zero-waste packaging like paper, reducing the use of plastic.

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