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Laundry Sheets - Ocean Breeze, 60-Pack and Wool Dryer Balls, 1-Pack
Laundry Sheets - Ocean Breeze, 60-Pack and Wool Dryer Balls, 1-Pack
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Laundry Sheets - Ocean Breeze, 60-Pack and Wool Dryer Balls, 1-Pack

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Buy our products in a Bundle, a clever and energysaving alternative!

Two products for a better price, one 60-Pack Laundry Sheets and one 1-Pack Wool Dryer Balls (3 balls).

LAUNDRY SHEETS is revolutionizing the way we do laundry by our innovative and plant-based laundry detergent sheets. It is a zero waste and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional liquid and powder detergents on the market. Take a step towards the greener side of life. 

Our sheep wool dryer balls are made of premium quality wool from New Zealand. It’s a smart and energy saving alternative and reduces the drying time significantly.

  No mess
  No harmful ingredients
  No microplastics

  Reduces dry time, wrinkles and static
  Saving energy
  Soften your laundry naturally
  No chemicals
  No synthetics and fillers
  Reusable and can last 1000+ loads

A perfect Bundle!


Washing machine

Step 1: Place all your clothes inside the washing machine
Step 2: Add the laundry sheet on top of your clothes
Step 3: Start the machine

Hand wash

Step 1: Fill a bucket of water
Step 2: Add the laundry sheet into the bucket and stir until it dissolves
Step 3: Hand wash your clothes as usual


Put the wet laundry in the dryer machine and place the wool balls together with the laundry. Press start, and that’s it!


Product: Laundry Sheets - Ocean Breeze and New Zealand Wool Balls
Volume: 60 sheets and 3 wool dryer balls in one bag
Weight: 255g / 9 oz


SODIUM DODECYL SULFATE: Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) is a surfactant that can have a variety of uses. We use a plant-based surfactant that is created from coconut oil. In our laundry sheets, the substance is used to break the water tension and remove dirt and grime from the fabric during the washing cycle. We use a dioxane free, plant-based SDS that is also biodegradable and does not bioaccumulate in water or land.
GLYCEROL: Glycerol is a sweet, viscous, colorless and odorless liquid. The quality of glycerin as a solvent, together with its hygroscopic properties (ability to absorb water steam) makes it good for cleaning and stain removal. These properties allow glycerin to soften the hardened and solidified stains, so that even old stains can be removed more easily.
DECYL GLUCOSIDE: Decyl Glucoside is a mild cleanser that is often used in cosmetic formulations and products for individuals with sensitive skin. The ingredient lowers the surface tension of the water surface and is therefore often used in many hygiene and toiletry products. Decyl Glucoside is a natural and biodegradable ingredient that comes from corn and coconuts. In our Laundry sheets Decyl Glucoside helps to remove dirt and oils more effectively.
BETAINE: Betaine is a naturally derived ingredient that can be used instead of dehydrating sulfates. Betaine is extracted from molasses, the juice of sugar cane and is an effective cleaning agent due to its high surface activity.
FATTY ALCOHOL POLYGLYCOL: Fatty Alcohol Polyglycol is a fully biodegradable nonionic surfactant that is used in our Laundry Sheets to fight stains and their ability to break down residues such as oil and soap.
POLY (VINYL ALCOHOL: It's a biodegradable polymer used as a binding agent, that evenly dissolves in the wash. It's ability to let microorganisms fully break it down makes it perfectly safe for the environment. It is nontoxic and safe for humans, animals, and marine life. It can sometimes be found in pills that we digest and in contact lenses.
TRISODIUM CITRATE: Trisodium Citrate is used as a building block in Laundry Sheets due to its ability to bind positively charged calcium and magnesium ions found in tap water and unlike phosphate builders it is safe for the environment. The use of sodium citrate improves the performance of the detergent. Trisodium Citrate acts as a cleaning aid and water softener so that the detergent can work more efficiently.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kate Ford

Smell good, great for the environment and good value for money!

Helen Bryson
Easy to use, great fragrance

I love not having to measure anything just toss a sheet in the washer and go. The dryer balls are also very good quality. Larger sized then the first brand I purchased. Both work great

Miklos Varhalmi


Karin Knobloch

The product does its job and I appreciate the environmental friendliness.